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Bradley and Colin have been playing dress up this morning. As expected, Colin couldn't decide what to wear and has left his clothes strewn about. Bradley thinks it's adorable and perfectly "Colin."


Play Merthur and Brolin dress up here courtesy of [ profile] lil_lollypop36. This is the bestest fun ever! And mind, I had to force them to put pants on. They were both rascally little buggers that were all "no, I don't wanna!" lol!!
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For [ profile] enchanted_jae because OMG BWA-Hahahahahahhaha!!!!!!!


Oct. 13th, 2011 02:34 pm
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I'm taking a much needed mental break here at work. Here, have a laugh.

I wish I could pee standing up at times. Not always, though.

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After seeing this pic...

I need some Merlin/Arthur or Colin/Bradley as fathers ( mpreg, adoption, whatever doesn't matter)  like you wouldn't believe. Doesn't that little boy just look like the best little mix of them both? And wouldn't Arthur/Bradley be just the cutest "mum" to him?

Flist, this is me begging.... Please, rec me something that this pic could be part of!  I'm bouncing in anticipation and fluffy plot bunny-ness!!!  PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Friday morn. Or in my case...
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Alright, which one of you sent in this secret? [lol!]

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We had a major storm yesterday that totally swept through our area. I was stuck at work for literally 4 hours with absolutely NO power, and yet my boss wouldn't let any of us leave since it was supposed to come back on at Any. Minute. Not that any of us asked if we could leave; we knew better, but still -

Four hours!!!!!

I never twiddled my thumbs in the dark so much in my life. :(((

Of course, not only did the storm totally ruin my morning, it completely annihilated some of my lily's AND bent my corn completely over.  We tamped the corn back up as best we could, but some of the lily's were completely done for. One of them that I just got from my Grandma was completely snapped in half.

I didn't take a picture of it. Too painful.

But here's my corn mid-fixing, and some of the lily's that partially survived. I'll have better photos of everything else later. Everything in cages and/or trellised survived just fine as did my onions and pumpkin vines. So thankful! My little green tomatoes were all like "yo, what's up? Still here, still hanging. Good times, good times." :D

At the bottom you can see how far the corn got tipped, this was the initial tipping "back" more towards upright.

Don't mind the weeds. I hate weeding. LOL Weeds have feelings, too!

*pant pant* Wow, what a wild ride. I think I'll just rest here a spell.
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U-hum *cough cough*

Bringing you the hottest Harry Potter smut since 2008!
I nominated at [ profile] smutasticawards, did you?
Click on the banner to be taken to the nomination post.

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For anyone that's reading them, [ profile] dracosoftie  has been bitten by the drabble bug, and my prompt made it into Chapter 14 of her delicious little H/D drabbly goodness. 

I'd recommend starting at the beginning if you can, but really, each chapter stands alone.  

My prompt:  

Orange kitties are my favorites. :D
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24 Icons by[ profile] lilyginny27

4 - Tom Felton/Dan Radcliffe
19 - Tom Felton
1 - Dan Radcliffe


24 Icons with Tom and his friend Dan )

Please no hotlinking.

Please comment.

Thank you :) 

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My good friend [ profile] maetgnisar  cropped some of the news pics featuring Daniel Radcliffe and lovingly asked me if I would be willing to add wordage to some of them for her. As you can see, I did. I tried NOT to let my mind go completely in the gutter, but really. Let's be realistic about this. LOL

Croppings by [profile] maetgnisar  Check out her lj page for the original croppings. She has many more, but this is all I have time for right now.

Coloring and wordage by [ profile] lilyginny27 

Please credit either of us if you wanted to use them elsewhere. Thanks! 



I have a dirty mind...  )


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