Jul. 10th, 2011

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Edit: I went and made unpublic the post this post refers to. It seems even mentioning that fandom brings out the crazies who deem I should be in the middle of things again, but in further digging, are only trying to instigate drama between me and the people that hurt me. I like fandom. I like it a lot; I don't like feeling used.

I love livejournal stats. I actually debate on what I want to click on here because of that feature. It's great at helping me to keep from looking at things I know will upset me, or have others see me seeing.

Also, I love it because it's so telling.

It seems I've had a larger number of users, and non-livejournal users alike browse my last post. I usually never get numbers like that unless I do a post at [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt  and people check me out because of a comment I made there. I can't remember the last time my own personal journal brought in double digit unique viewers, especially on a single post. Especially, the amount of people that AREN'T users that read it. You people creep me out! 

Get a life. Move on. You'll be happier fanatics for it.


This, seeing my words being stalked [and probably being passed around by the registered users I saw read it. You creeps know who you are] gives me the creeps and isn't good for my mental health. Creepy, creepy, creepy fanatics of doom! 

For the rest of you, welcome back. :) Maybe I should post publicly more often. Or, well, post more often period. I promise I will do so if people are interested only, I plan on posting happier things.

[Like porn.]

[Or my garden. I has corn that's thigh high, and a pumpkin patch, and a ton of tomatoes and peppers and table onions and basil and cucumbers and I don't even really like cucumbers!~ I should take pictures; their vines are just beautiful with all their yellow buds, as are my little green tomatoes. OMG and my lilies. They're breathtaking. ]

Peace out.

Think happy thoughts.

p.s. I hated writing this post. I feel like I'm stooping to their level. :(((((((((((

I've had a fabulous weekend so far in the garden and then with my sissie today in Monroe and Woodford. My little blue fist car got out and about this weekend! And my feet - they tried on so many different pairs of shoes, but alas, they did not make it home with me. *sigh* Maybe next time; someone was insistent I spend my money on her birthday present. Silly little sister...

I should eat dinner. #ishungry


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