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Is anyone else as excited for this as I am? And I'm not just talking the nekkidness of the picture. :D

Just came from a holiday parade where I one) watched very little of the actual parade because I stayed inside the restaurant where we met for dinner beforehand, because two) I totally was indulging in baby time with Godbaby #2. I was going to upload a snap I got of him smiling on my camera, but Lj is being a bitch so maybe later. He was so playful tonight! So much fun.

Anyone want to do my Christmas shopping for me? I'm like wayyyyyyyyyy behind on it. I've bought two things so far, both online from Cyber Monday. Why? Because I suck at getting gifts this year for some reason. It would be so much easier if I could get everyone I know a bottle of wine and be done with it. *sigh*

On another note, if anyone would like a Christmas card, leave me your address in a screened comment below! I found some cute ones I like, and since I already told my family I'm not sending them this year, you all get them instead. Let me know if I should use real name only, or real and Lj.

Who am I kidding, I'll still send cards to family, I bought like 50 of them. Hahaha! :D

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Bradley and Colin have been playing dress up this morning. As expected, Colin couldn't decide what to wear and has left his clothes strewn about. Bradley thinks it's adorable and perfectly "Colin."


Play Merthur and Brolin dress up here courtesy of [ profile] lil_lollypop36. This is the bestest fun ever! And mind, I had to force them to put pants on. They were both rascally little buggers that were all "no, I don't wanna!" lol!!
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Blanket porn. OMG sweet, funny and unbelievably sexy crack that makes you just want to snuggle down in your bed with your sheets and blankies and never ever leave.

Originally posted by [ profile] capricornucopia at One Sheet to the Wind
Title: One Sheet to the Wind
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: R?
Content advisory: Crack, inanimate object sex
Word Count: ~750
Notes: Written for the Alternative Universe challenge for [ profile] summerpornathon
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After seeing this pic...

I need some Merlin/Arthur or Colin/Bradley as fathers ( mpreg, adoption, whatever doesn't matter)  like you wouldn't believe. Doesn't that little boy just look like the best little mix of them both? And wouldn't Arthur/Bradley be just the cutest "mum" to him?

Flist, this is me begging.... Please, rec me something that this pic could be part of!  I'm bouncing in anticipation and fluffy plot bunny-ness!!!  PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Friday morn. Or in my case...
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[ profile] phoenixacid 's Merlin / Arthur Bookshelf of fic rec porny goodness.. Eveything is clickable, just like they are! :D

a chuisleDrastically Redefining Protocola tree and a bee and a flea, fiddle-dee-deeThree TasksQuickening DaysPrivileges of RankMisruleTwo Weeks NoticeA Kind of BalanceObeisanceThe World Under Heaven, Here All Is LentAugustThe Weight of WordsPeach, Plum, PearFame and FortuneFour Things One Should Know About MerlinThe Crown of the Summer CourtOnfindan

All books are clickable. I had already read everything on her Harry/Draco bookshelf so I never linked to it. But wait! She has more! She did one featuring my favoritest potions master EVAH!  :D

The Harry / Severus Bookshelf of Porny Goodness
Dumbledore's FollyThe Tea SeriesA Choriambic Progression Sanguis-VinculumPenance Is The PlayConduits of SorceryQuid Pro Quo So Lonely Without MeConsequences of a Weary MindContemporary Magical Innovations, by H. GrangerSnape: The Home Fries NaziA Nick In TimeGrowing PainsThe FamiliarWellspringCambiare Podentes: InvocareCambiare Podentes: MadurarePhoenixacidIn Between DaysIf You Are PreparedRite of PassageA Bittersweet Potion


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