Jul. 12th, 2011

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We had a major storm yesterday that totally swept through our area. I was stuck at work for literally 4 hours with absolutely NO power, and yet my boss wouldn't let any of us leave since it was supposed to come back on at Any. Minute. Not that any of us asked if we could leave; we knew better, but still -

Four hours!!!!!

I never twiddled my thumbs in the dark so much in my life. :(((

Of course, not only did the storm totally ruin my morning, it completely annihilated some of my lily's AND bent my corn completely over.  We tamped the corn back up as best we could, but some of the lily's were completely done for. One of them that I just got from my Grandma was completely snapped in half.

I didn't take a picture of it. Too painful.

But here's my corn mid-fixing, and some of the lily's that partially survived. I'll have better photos of everything else later. Everything in cages and/or trellised survived just fine as did my onions and pumpkin vines. So thankful! My little green tomatoes were all like "yo, what's up? Still here, still hanging. Good times, good times." :D

At the bottom you can see how far the corn got tipped, this was the initial tipping "back" more towards upright.

Don't mind the weeds. I hate weeding. LOL Weeds have feelings, too!

*pant pant* Wow, what a wild ride. I think I'll just rest here a spell.
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First, many many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nursedarry for the noms. How did you know I needed a chocolate fix desperately?! *squishes you*

And Oh. My. God. Two months of free paid time! 

Based on my flist, I'm not the only one who's been graced with this awesomeness today so either

1) Someone loves us and we must all scour our lists and use the process of elimination so we can narrow it down to whomever did it so we may glomp them properly


2) there's credence to that rumor floating around where if you send/receive so many v-gifts, you get free time. This is when I'm guessing maybe all those kisses we sent last week were chock full of more pleasure than we could possibly imagine!!!! :D

Happy Tuesday!!!!!


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